Thursday, March 22, 2018

You're invited...

Come to the book release party for the totally awesome, must-read, new comics antholugy: “Sci-Fi San Francisco” – this Saturday at Mission Comics & Art:

Celebrate the Bay Area’s deeply weird future with Sci-Fi San Francisco, a collection of comics about everything from secret societies to hyper-evolved kitty cats, from space travelers at the Legion of Honor to robots at Bay to Breakers, from genetic caste systems to social media private eyes. Come find out what the future (and alternate present) holds!

Sci-Fi San Francisco features a cover by the inimitable Chuck Whelon and 20 black-and-white comics, featuring the work of:

Storm Arcana, Walker Ricon, & Yabette Swank

Eli Bishop

Craig Campbell

Sean Chiki

Beth Dean

Danny Djeljosevic & Diana Naneva

Emma Dudley & John Mathis

Jamaica Dyer

Shaenon K. Garrity

Pete Glanting & Eric Wong

Steph Godfrey

Joe Hewitt

Cheryl Leong & Philip Lambert

Jackie Lo

Ed Luce

Karen Luk

Jonas Madden-Connor